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Welcome to the 6th International Conference on Material Modelling

Sweden, Lund, 26th-28th June, 2019

Material modelling has become a field of central scientific importance during the last decades. Although there exist many workshops, meetings, colloquia, etc. on specific materials and particular applications, here a single conference dedicated to material modelling with all its various facets is intended.  To this end, the aim of the ICMM conference is to bring together researchers from the various fields of material modelling and material characterization and to cover all aspects of material modelling. This will provide the opportunity for interaction between scientists working in different subareas of material mechanics who otherwise would not come into contact with each other.

Download the conference flyer (PDF, 140 kB, new tab)

This biannual conference is the sixth in the ICMM series. The first ICMM took place in 2009 in Dortmund (Germany). The conference has since then been organized in Paris (France);  Warsaw (Poland); Berkeley (USA); Rome (Italy).


ICMM6 will take place in Lund, Sweden.

Conference information

Book of abstracts is now available (PDF, 513 kB, new tab)

Lund University main building. Photo.